The Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee is a community based multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to the continual improvement of environmental quality of the Miramichi River ecosystem with emphasis on the Miramichi watershed. 

MREAC was created in 1989 as a response to a community concern around a local pulp and paper mill expansion. The committee remained intact following its initial phase to address other environmental issues on the Miramichi River watershed. MREAC in 1993 joined the Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP), this allowed for the hiring of full-time staff. The committee (approximately 35) directs volunteer and staff activity through guidance during the monthly meetings.

MREAC focuses on science based research and environmental projects in order to protect and manage the Miramichi River watershed. This watershed encompasses approximately 23% of the province of New Brunswick land mass (13,465 sq. km), and embodies significant freshwater and estuarine habitats. The Miramichi River is world renowned for its Atlantic salmon fishing. Of special note, it is the only spawning habitat of Striped bass in the isolated stock of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. There are many other reasons why Miramichi River is an important river system that MREAC is committed to managing and protecting.


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