MREAC has generated and contributed to several scientific publications. Bi-annually a newsletter is distributed that highlights the work MREAC has been doing. Scientific reports and monitoring results are also available upon request. Other available literature (pamphlets, brochures) that may be of interest to the public are also available upon request. These materials can be found at the MREAC office, or click on the link provided for further information from the contributing agency.

MREAC pamphlet: English & French

Newsletters: Scientific Reports:

Issue 1 - August 2001

Issue 2 - March 2002

Issue 3 - September 2002

Issue 4 - April 2003

Issue 5 - October 2003 (Sp. Ed.)

Issue 6 - May 2004

Issue 7 - November 2004

Issue 8 - June 2005

Issue 9 - January 2006

Issue 10 - July 2006

Issue 11 - January 2007

Issue 12 - July 2007

Issue 13 - January 2008

Issue 14 - July 2008 (Sp. Ed.)

Issue 15 - March 2009

Issue 16 - October 2009 (Sp.Ed)

Issue 17 - April 2010

Issue 18 - October 2010

Issue 19 - April 2011

Issue 20 - November 2011

Issue 21 - July 2012

Issue 22 - Spring 2013

Atlantic Salmon Habitat Assessment/Improvement - Bartibog River Drainage Basin 2014

Atlantic Salmon Habitat Assessment for the Bay du Vin River Drainage Basin 2013

Freshwater Mussel Surveys on the Miramichi, 2010 & Overview of Past Three Years

Freshwater Mussel Survey of the Miramichi River Watershed, 2009

Freshwater Mussel Survey of the Miramichi River Watershed, 2008

Miramichi River Lower & Upper Estuary Sediment Analysis & Comparison, 2007

Northwest Miramichi Sub-watershed Monitoring, 2007

Renous River Sub-watershed Monitoring, 2006

Analysis of Seabed Samples for Biological Species Composition - Miramichi River Estuary 2004

Napan River Sub-Watershed Monitoring Project, 1997-98

Other Reports:

Water Classification - Southwest Miramichi: Year 1 Report

Swim Watch Program: Results for 1993-2010

Trends Reporting: Focus on the Miramichi Watershed - Addendum

Water Classification Stragetic Plan for the Miramichi River (2008-2018 - Revised)

State of the Environment Report, 2007

CEMP, 1997

Action Plan, 1994

State of the Environment Report, 1992


Other Available Literature

Guide for New Brunswick Waterfront Property Owners

I Want to Protect My Shoreline Property

The Importance of Shorelands

Waterfront Living - Simple tips lasting benefits

Coastal Living - Simple tips lasting benefits

I Want Clean Water

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Fish Habitat

Harvesting Shellfish in Atlantic Canada

Effects of Chemical Pesticides on the Environment

Our Climate is Changing

The Climate What a Difference a Degree Makes!

Climate Change - Science, Impacts, and Adaptation


Checklist of Miramichi Birds

How to Chlorinate Your Well Water

Self-Help Advice – Severe Storms

Groundwater Protection

A Homeowner’s Guide to Oil Tank Safety

Smog Forecast

Your Septic System – A Reference Guide for Homeowners

What Everyone Should Know About Their Septic Tank System

Septic Tank – Disposal System

Septic System Record File and Owners Guide

West Nile Virus – Reduce the Risk

Eutrophication – A Danger to Habitat

A Healthy Estuary, a Coast Full of Life - Community Aquatic Monitoring Program


*These documents are in PDF format and will require Adobe Reader to view.


Header photos contributed by Nelson Cloud, Melissa Price and Kara Baisley